About Our Facility

The Bailey family from Nacogdoches, Texas are the proud owners of Pine Valley Raceway (PVR). As a drag racing family, they saw a need for a quality track in East Texas and started construction of PVR in 2000. The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) sanctioned the track upon completion in 2003, and racing began in late March of 2004. Pine Valley Raceway was awarded the 2005 Best Track by Mr. Gasket Pro Am Tour, and also by The Outlaw Fuel Altereds Association.

TRACK LENGTH- The track is 3,500 feet in length from the starting line.

BURNOUT AREA- The burnout area is 100’ of concrete. The concrete pad is 430 feet from the burnout box to the asphalt.

SPECIAL FEATURES- Features include Accutime electronics, dial-in board, winner lights on the wall, fueling station and onsite ambulance and medical attendants. The grandstands will seat 1500 people and Tower Suites are available for rental. We have a full service concession stand and eating area. Pine Valley Raceway is located in Lufkin Texas on FM 2497.